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Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics)

The Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Program is intended to encourage the development of mathematics in the Philippines through the production of highly trained mathematicians whose research works contribute to the development of new knowledge. Corollary to this main objective is the upgrading of mathematics teaching in colleges and universities.

The PhD Math program is a research-oriented program that

  1. prepares students for careers in the academe, industry and government that depend on advanced mathematics;
  2. aims to produce graduates with the knowledge, skills, perspective and understanding to be capable of self-directed and independent scientific work; and
  3. is planned to develop in the student fundamental understanding of certain basic fields of mathematics, a deep understanding of a major field of interest, and the ability to undertake advanced mathematical research, as evidenced by the completion and defense of a doctoral dissertation, the major requirement of the PhD program.
  • Admission into the Program

    Applications for admission to the program are processed by the College of Science (more information here). Students can apply for admission during the 1st semester or 2nd semester.

    Aside from the general requirements for admission set forth by the College of Science, applicants of the PhD Math program must have either a BS or MS degree in mathematics, or its equivalent from a recognized institution of higher learning, and a high degree of intellectual capacity and aptitude for advanced study and research in mathematics.

    For more inquiries, please send an email to ddapr@math.upd.edu.ph.

  • Program Requirements

    Students are required to accomplish the following:

    • completion of a prescribed program of study consisting of at least forty-five (45) units of formal graduate courses in the case of students admitted into the program with only a BS degree in the discipline or a master’s degree in an unrelated discipline, or twenty-four (24) units of formal graduate courses in the case of students admitted into the PhD program with an MS degree in the discipline;
    • maintenance of a CWAG of 1.75 or better at the end of each academic year until completion of the program of study;
    • passing of the qualifying examination based on the core courses;
    • passing of the candidacy examination after completion of all course work in the student’s program of study;
    • completion of one (1) unit of a graduate seminar during the student’s course work and participation in a Graduate Research Colloquium of the College at least once every two years by giving a seminar on the progress of the dissertation work;
    • completion of a doctoral dissertation based on an independent and original research;
    • successful defense of the doctoral dissertation in a public doctoral examination;
    • submission of a publication or an acceptance letter from a reputable, refereed scientific journal as defined by the Institute and approved by the Dissertation Committee; and
    • submission of bound paper copies and a digital copy of the approved doctoral dissertation based on the approved College of Science format.

    The maximum residence of student under the PhD Math program is six (6) years for those with MS degrees and eight (8) years for those with BS degrees only.

  • Curriculum Checklist
    Core Courses
    Course Units
    Math 210.1 3
    Math 210.2 3
    Math 211 3
    Math 220.1 3
    Math 220.2 3
    Math 228 3
    Other Required Courses
    Course Units
    Math 242 3
    One additional analysis course 3
    One geometry course 3
    One additional geometry or topology course 3
    Fifteen units of electives* 15
    Math 296 1

    * courses in mathematics and allied fields, with at least twelve (12) of the fifteen (15) units chosen from advanced mathematics courses.

  • Registration Matters

    Registration Process

    Refer to the Graduate Student Guide from the UPD College of Science website.

    Program Advisers

    For students admitted to the PhD Math program, please contact your program advisers listed below for your registration concerns.