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Diploma in Mathematics

The Diploma in Mathematics program is a one-year post-baccalaureate program primarily intended to provide non-mathematics major students adequate preparation for a master’s program in mathematics. It consists of selected courses from the B.S. Mathematics program.

The Diploma in Mathematics program aims to train students who can:

  1. show proficiency in the following areas of mathematics: algebra and analysis.
  2. demonstrate skills in pattern recognition, generalization, abstraction, critical analysis, synthesis, problem-solving and rigorous argument.
  3. apply knowledge in reading and writing mathematical proofs.
  4. perform basic mathematical and statistical computations using appropriate technologies in the analysis of data.
  5. explain the importance of mathematics in the modern world including interrelationships within math and its connection to other disciplines.
  • Admission into the Program

    Applications for admission to the program are processed by the College of Science (more information here). Students can apply for admission during the 1st semester or 2nd semester.

    Aside from the general requirements for admission set forth by the College of Science, applicants of the Diploma in Mathematics program must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning, and completion of college mathematics courses including differential and integral calculus.

    For more inquiries, please send an email to ddapr@math.upd.edu.ph.

  • Program Curriculum

    Students admitted into the program must complete 32 units of course work. Refer to the table below for the curriculum checklist.

    1st Semester 17 units   2nd Semester 15 units
    Math 23 4   Math 110.1 3
    Math 40 3   Math 117 3
    Math 108 4   Math 123.1 3
    Math 122 3   Math 150.1 3
    CS 11 3   Math 171 3


  • Disqualification from the Program

    A student is disqualified from the program if the student:

    1. fails to maintain a General Weighted Average (GWA) of “2.0” or better in his/her course work at the end of each academic year until the completion of his/her Program of Study.  
    2. fails to complete all requirements within two years and any approved extension thereof; or
    3. goes on absence without leave (AWOL).
  • Registration Matters

    Registration Process

    Refer to the Graduate Student Guide from the UPD College of Science website.

    Program Adviser

    For students admitted to the Diploma in Mathematics program, please contact your program adviser, Dr. Manuel Joseph Loquias (ddapr@math.upd.edu.ph), for your registration concerns.