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The Institute of Mathematics nurtures about 300 undergraduate and 200 graduate students and handles all the mathematics courses of some 5000 undergraduate students in the whole UP Diliman campus. Included in the undergraduate courses offered by the Institute are two (2) general education courses (under the Math, Science & Technology domain) and six (6) service courses. The Institute also offers several graduate courses taken by students from the various graduate degree programs offered by the Institute.

  • Substitution of Courses

    Shiftees and transferees may have their previously taken Math courses credited into their current degree program via Substitution of Courses. Students who intend to apply must submit to the Institute of Mathematics the pertinent Substitution Form of his/her respective College.

    All applications for substitution of courses must be submitted together with any of the following supporting documents:

    1. True Copy of Grades (TCG) certified by the student’s college;
    2. Copy of the completion/removal grade of the course(s) taken;
    3. Grades printed online through the CRS certified as true and accurate by the student’s college.


    For substitution of service courses (Math 20, 21, 22, 23, 30, and 40), send the Substitution Form and the supporting documents to servicecourses@math.upd.edu.ph.

    For substitution of general education courses (Math 2 and 10), send the Substitution Form and the supporting documents to gecoordinator@math.upd.edu.ph.