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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The B.S. Mathematics program aims to produce graduates who are well-adapted to both research and industry careers. The program also aims to enable graduates to better connect mathematics to other disciplines and equip them with the theories and tools for life-long learning. In particular, the program’s learning outcomes are as follows:

  1. Demonstrate mastery in the core areas of mathematics: algebra, analysis and geometry;
  2. Demonstrate skills in pattern recognition, generalization, abstraction, critical analysis, synthesis, problem-solving and rigorous argument;
  3. Develop an enhanced perception of the vitality and importance of mathematics in the modern world;
  4. Demonstrate knowledge in reading and writing mathematical proofs;
  5. Validate their own mathematical thinking thru conjectures and arguments;
  6. Communicate mathematical ideas orally and in writing using clear and precise language; and
  7. Carry out basic mathematical and statistical computations and use appropriate technologies in the analysis of data.

The courses in the B.S. Mathematics curriculum address both cognitive and content goals that gradually and intentionally lead students from basic to advanced levels of critical and analytical thinking. Cognitive goals are not achieved in a rigid specification of a set of courses. They are instead approached within the context of each student’s maturation throughout the student’s undergraduate years. The curriculum is designed such that a B.S. Mathematics student has a balance between their major courses and general education and elective courses. This enables the students to be well-rounded throughout his/her study.

  • Admission into the Program

    New Incoming Freshmen

    A new incoming freshman must qualify for admission into U.P. Diliman thru the U.P. College Admission Test (UPCAT) and must make it to the B.S. Mathematics cut-off in Math. More information here.

    Admission into the program, in any case, shall be dependent on the availability of slots in the program and the current resources of the institute.

    Undergraduate Transfer Student

    All applicants for transfer to the B.S. Mathematics program shall be accepted and processed only for the first semester of each academic year through the Office of the College Secretary, College of Science.

    An applicant for transfer should submit the following to the Office of the College Secretary, College of Science not later than one month before the first regular registration day of the first semester or within a prescribed application period.

    • For transfer from within the U.P. System
      • an accomplished form of Application for Transfer to the College of Science;
      • a true copy of grades of all subjects enrolled in;
      • an office referral from his/her College/Unit
    • For transfer from outside the U.P. System
      • an official copy of grades or transcript of records;
      • a referral from the U.P. Registrar

    For more information, please visit the Student Matters page of the College of Science website.

    The Institute of Mathematics shall consider only the applications of students who have satisfied applicable University and College Rules on admission of transfer students.

    Admission into the B.S. Mathematics Program is further subject to the following rules. A U.P. student from other programs or a transfer student from other institutions who has finished at least Math 63 or equivalent may be admitted to the program, provided that

    • he/she has not incurred a grade of 5.0 in any Math subject, and
    • he/she has a weighted average of at least 2.0 in all his Math subjects.
  • Program Curriculum

    Curriculum Checklist

    You can download a copy of the Curriculum Checklist here.

    First Year
    1st Semester 19 units   2nd Semester 16 units
    GE 1: Philo 1 3 GE 4: Eng 13 3
    GE 2: Fil 40 3 Math 22 4
    GE 3: KAS 1 3 Math 108 4
    Math 21* 4 Physics 71 4
    CS 11 3 Physics 71.1 1
    Stat 101 3 P.E. (2)
    P.E. (2)    
    Second Year
    1st Semester 17 units   2nd Semester 18 units
    GE 5: ARTS 1 3 GE 6: Speech 30 3
    Math 23 4 GE 7: Soc Sci 1 / Soc Sci 2 3
    Math 110.1 3 Math 110.2 3
    Math 140 3 Math 122 3
    Physics 72 4 Math 123.1 3
    P.E. (2) Math 117 3
    NSTP (3) P.E. (2)
        NSTP (3)
    Third Year
    1st Semester 18 units   2nd Semester 17 units
    GE 8: STS 1 3 GE 9: GE Course in S&T6 3
    Math 110.3 3 Math 128 3
    Math 123.2 3 Math 150.2 3
    Math 150.1 3 Math 171 3
    Math Elective4 3 Math 190 2
    Elective3 3 Elective3 3
    Fourth Year
    1st Semester 18 units   2nd Semester 15 units
    Math 133 3 GE 10: GE Course6 3
    Math 142 3 Math Elective4 3
    Math 2005 3 Math Elective4 3
    Geometry Elective2 3 Foreign Language II1 3
    PI 100 3 Elective3 3
    Foreign Language I1 3    

    1 Six (6) units of the same Foreign Language course except English
    2 Math 146 or Math 147 or Math 148
    3 To be approved by adviser; MATH 10 may be taken as a free elective provided it is taken during the first year
    4 Any Math elective (upon approval by adviser) including Math 146, Math 147 and Math 148
    5 Math 200 requires oral presentation and submission of bound copies and softcopy of the thesis manuscript
    6 Any GE course except MATH 10 or Math 2
    * All students required to take Math 21 must have passed any of the following: (1) High School Basic Calculus from the STEM or equivalent strand of K-12; (2) the Validation Examination for Math 20 (Pre-Calculus: Functions and their Graphs) administered by the UPD Institute of Mathematics; or (3) Math 20 as a non-credit course.

    Note: As a requirement for graduation, all students must take six (6) units in one of the following National Service Training Program (NSTP) components: Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS), Literacy Training Service (LTS), and Reserved Officer’s Training Corps Military Science (ROTC Mil Sci). These are offered by UPD.

    The University regularly reviews course curricula and may revise them. Students admitted into this program shall follow the existing curriculum until such time that a new curriculum replacing it has been duly approved for implementation. All courses prescribed and taken under this existing curriculum shall be credited under the new curriculum.

    Curriculum Map

  • Disqualification from the Program

    For Lower Division Mathematics Subjects (Math 108 and below)

    A student shall be disqualified from the program:

    • upon incurring a second failing grade* in the same math subject, OR
    • if, after six semesters of enrolment, he/she fails to complete all such math subjects, OR
    • if, upon completion of all such math subjects, he/she fails to obtain a weighted average of at least 3.0 in all such subjects.


    For Upper Division Mathematics Subjects (Math 110.1 & Above)

    A student shall be disqualified from the program:

    • upon incurring a third failing grade* in the same math subject, OR
    • if, in one semester, he/she is enrolled in at least 4 such subjects as of the last day of late registration and he/she does not pass any of such subjects, OR
    • if, in one academic year, he/she does not pass at least the required minimum number of math subjects according to the following table:
    Total number** of 3-unit Math subjects enrolled in one academic year Minimum number of subjects to pass
    2 2
    3 2
    4 3
    5 3
    6 4
    7 4
    8 5
    9 5
    10 or more 6

    * including “4.0”, “5.0”, DRP with “failing” remark, and DRP unofficial 
    ** ‘n’ enrollments in a particular subject will be counted ‘n’ times

  • Registration Matters

    Registration Process

    For information on shifting/transferring, registration, and other processes (dropping, appeals, etc.), refer to the Student Matters page from the UPD College of Science website.

    Program Advisers

    For students admitted to the BS Math program, please contact your program advisers listed below for your registration concerns.

    Student Number Program Advisers
    2019 and below Ramon Iñigo Marfil (rimarfil@math.upd.edu.ph)
    Arrianne Crystal Velasco (acvelasco@math.upd.edu.ph)
    2020 Lucky Erap Galvez (legalvez@math.upd.edu.ph)
    Ariel Paningbatan (arpaningbatan@math.upd.edu.ph)
    2021 Jeanine Concepcion Arias (jcarias@math.upd.edu.ph)
    Kai Brynne Boydon (kbboydon@math.upd.edu.ph)
    2022 Rheadel Fulgencio (rfulgencio@math.upd.edu.ph)
    Rolando Perez III (rperez@math.upd.edu.ph)

    Downloadable Forms and Document Requests

    Please visit the page on Downloadable Forms & Document Requests from the UPD College of Science website.