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The Institute offers the following programs:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  2. Minor in Mathematical Foundations and Methods
  3. Diploma in Mathematics
  4. Professional Masters’ in Applied Mathematics (Actuarial Science)
  5. Master of Arts (Mathematics)
  6. Master of Science (Mathematics)
  7. Master of Science (Applied Mathematics)
  8. Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics)

For inquiries in any of the programs offered by the institute, please send an email to ddapr@math.upd.edu.ph.

  • Undergraduate Program

    The B.S. Mathematics program aims to produce graduates who are well-adapted to both research and industry careers. The program also aims to enable graduates to better connect mathematics to other disciplines and equip them with the theories and tools for life-long learning.

    The Minor in Mathematical Foundations and Methods program is an undergraduate minor program that consists of mathematics courses that prepares non-B.S. Mathematics students for advanced studies in quantitative-oriented fields. It is designed to provide students with a good grasp of statistics, calculus, and discrete mathematics. It also aims to develop their ability to engage in abstract reasoning, be familiar with mathematical proofs, and have computational dexterity.

  • Diploma Program

    The Diploma in Mathematics Program is a one-year post-baccalaureate program primarily intended to provide non-mathematics major students adequate preparation for a master’s program in mathematics. It consists of selected courses from the B.S. Mathematics program.

  • Graduate Program

    The graduate programs of the Institute of Mathematics are degree programs that cater from the content-oriented mathematics education, to programs that cater to the mathematical modeling, finance and actuarial industries, to the more research-oriented pure mathematical theories. The programs aim to enrich the existing pool of mathematical knowledge not only in the Philippines but world-wide as well. Presently, there are 5 graduate programs offered Institute:

    1. Master of Arts (Mathematics)
    2. Master of Applied Science (Mathematics) with 4 tracks: Optimization and Approximation, Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations, Mathematics of Finance and Mathematics of Life and Physical Sciences
    3. Master of Science (Mathematics)
    4. Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics (straight program available)
    5. Professional Master’s in Applied Mathematics (Actuarial Science)


    History of the Graduate Programs

    There was already an MA Math program in the 1920s – the BS Math was BA Math then, being a joint program of the College of Arts and Science and the College of Education. Around the 1930s, the MA Math program was joined by the MS Math program. During that time, there were very few MS students and graduates. Prof. Felina Mapa was perhaps the first female graduate of MS Math (1949). During the 70’s, the MS Math had 4 tracks: pure math, operations research, actuarial science, and computer science. It was also then that the PhD Math program was instituted with the initiative of Fr. Nebres. During that time there were not enough students as well as dissertation advisers in the Philippines, so Fr. Nebres formulated a consortium between UPD, ADMU and DLSU. In the early 90’s, there was a clear distinction between the MS Math (for pure math) and the MS Applied Math (for the OR, AS and CS tracks). Eventually, the CS track was given to the Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering. Around the year 2000, the Department of Mathematics (which became the Institute of Mathematics, as we know it, in 2007) proposed to have a separate program for actuarial science which was geared towards the actuarial and finance industry. Thus the Institute created a Professional Master’s in Applied Mathematics (Actuarial Science) program. The Professional Master’s program is the only graduate program in the Philippines which caters to the actuarial industry.