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Master of Science (Mathematics)

The Master of Science in Mathematics Program is designed for those seeking advanced mathematical training in preparation for doctoral studies in related fields, for research, or for teaching college courses.

The MS Math program aims to

  1. provide students with a foundation sufficient to pursue careers in the academe, industry and government requiring mathematical skills and perspectives;
  2. provide graduates the requisite education and training to proceed to the Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics program; and
  3. provide research opportunities intended for students to mature mathematically and prepare them for increasingly self-motivated and independent research and scientific work.
  • Admission into the Program

    Applications for admission to the program are processed by the College of Science (more information here). Students can apply for admission during the 1st semester or 2nd semester.

    Aside from the general requirements for admission set forth by the College of Science, applicants of MS Math program must have completed Advanced Calculus, Abstract and Linear Algebra, and Complex Analysis courses.

  • Program Curriculum

    Students are required to take 24 units of formal graduate courses, 1-unit graduate seminar, and 6 units of thesis. The thesis which will have to be defended before an Examination Committee. Submission of bound copies of the thesis will also be required. The maximum residence of any student under the MS Math program is five (5) years.

    Refer to the table below for the curriculum checklist.

    First Year
    1st Semester 9 units   2nd Semester 9 units
    Math 210.1 3 Math 210.2 3
    Math 220.1 3 Math 228 3
    Math 211 3 Math 242 3
    Second Year
    1st Semester 6 units   2nd Semester 4 units
    Elective (Allied Course) 3 Math 300 3
    Elective (Geometry Course) 3 Math 296 1
    Third Year
    1st Semester 3 units   2nd Semester  
    Math 300 3    

    (for illustration purposes only)

  • Disqualification from the Program

    A students is disqualified from the program if either

    1. the student did not pass any of the courses in a particular semester;
    2. the student did not achieve a GWA of at least 2.0 during the academic year;
    3. the student failed the thesis defense twice;
    4. non-compliance with the Maximum Residence Rule; or
    5. Absence without official leave (AWOL).
  • Registration Matters

    Program Advisers: