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Neri, Marrick

Associate Professor
RoomMath Building 217

Research Interests
Optimization. Image Processing.
Academic Groups
  • Education
    • Ph.D. Mathematics (2008)
      University of the Philippines Diliman

      Dissertation: Primal-Dual Methods using L1 and L2 Total Variation Regularization with Applications in Image Denoising
      Adviser: Prof. Michael Hintermueller (University of Graz, Austria) and Dr. Jose Ernie Lope (University of the Philippines Diliman)

    • M.S. Applied Mathematics (Operations Research) (2000)
      University of the Philippines Diliman

      Thesis: Decomposition-Metaheuristic Method Applied to a Capacitated Facility Location Problem
      Adviser: Dr. Augusto Hermosilla (University of the Philippines Diliman)

    • B.S. Mathematics (1996), cum laude
      University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Teaching

    Second Semester, AY 2018-2019

    • Nonlinear programming
    • Mathematics, Culture, and Society
    • Calculus 2

    First Semester, AY 2018-2019

    • Mathematics, Culture, and Society
    • Calculus 1, 3

    Subjects Taught

    • Operations Research, Linear programming, Nonlinear programming, Numerical optimization, Linear algebra, Probability and Statistics, Calculus

    In Progress

    1. Blez Valentine Lacaba, PhD Mathematics
    2. Lean Palma, MS Applied Mathematics
    3. Giovanni Rey Diano, BS Mathematics
    • Graduated MS Applied Mathematics
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    • Graduated BS Mathematics
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  • Publications
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