New Incoming Freshmen
A new incoming freshman must qualify for admission into U.P. Diliman thru the U.P. College Admission Test (UPCAT) and must make it to the B.S. Mathematics cut-off in Math.
Admission into the program, in any case, shall be dependent on the availability of slots in the program and the current resources of the department.

Undergraduate Transfer Student
All applicants for transfer to the B.S. Mathematics program shall be accepted and processed only for the first semester of each academic year through the Office of the College Secretary, College of Science.
An applicant for transfer should submit the following to the Office of the College Secretary, College of Science not later than one month before the first regular registration day of the first semester or within a prescribed application period.

For Transfer from Within the U.P. System
an accomplished form of Application for Transfer to the College of Science;
a true copy of grades of all subjects enrolled in;
an office referral from his/her College/Unit

For Transfer from Outside the U.P. System
an official copy of grades or transcript of records;
a referral from the U.P. Registrar

The Department of Mathematics shall consider only the applications of students who have satisfied applicable University and College Rules on admission of transfer students.
Admission into the B.S. Mathematics Program is further subject to the following rules.
A U.P. student from other programs or a transfer student from other institutions who has finished at least Math 63 or equivalent may be admitted to the program, provided that
he/she has not incurred a grade of 5.0 in any Math subject and that
he/she has a weighted average of at least 2.0 in all his Math subjects.



BS Mathematics Curriculum Checklist


Download the Curriculum Checklist here





For Lower Division Mathematics Subjects (Math 109 and below)
A student shall be disqualified from the program:
upon incurring a second failing grade* in the same math subject, OR
if, after six semesters of enrolment, he/she fails to complete all such math subjects, OR
if, upon complete of all such math subjects, he/she fails to obtain a weighted average of at least 3.0 in all such subjects.
For Upper Division Mathematics Subjects (Math 110.1 & Above)
A student shall be disqualified from the program:
upon incurring a third failing grade* in the same math subject, OR
if, in one semester, he/she is enrolled in at least 4 such subjects as of the last day of late registration and he/she does not pass any of such subjects, OR
if, in one academic year, he/she does not pass at least the required minimum number of math subjects according to the following table:


Total No.** of 3-unit
Math subjects enrolled
in one academic year
Minimum number of
subjects to pass
2 2
3 2
4 3
5 3
6 4
7 4
8 5
9 5
10 or more 6

* (including “4.0”, “5.0”, DRP with “failing” remark, and DRP unofficial)
** ‘n’ enrollments in a particular subject will be counted ‘n’ times


93-100% 1.0 Excellent
90-92% 1.25
87-89% 1.5 Very Good
84-86% 1.75
80-83% 2.0 Good
75-79% 2.25
70-74% 2.5 Satisfactory
65-69% 2.75
60-64% 3.0 Passing
55-59% 4.0 Conditional Failure
0-54% 5.0 Failing
Inc Incomplete
“4.0” means conditional failure. It may be made up for by successful repetition of the course, or by passing a reexamination. If the student passes the reexamination, he/she is given a grade of “3.0”, but if he/she fails, a “5.0”. Only one reexamination is allowed which must be taken within the prescribed time, he/she may earn credit for the course only by repeating and passing it.

“Inc”. This grade is given if a student, whose class standing throughout the semester is PASSING, fails to take the final examination or fails to complete other requirements for the course, due to illness or other valid reasons. In case the class standing is not passing and the sutdent fails to take the final examination for any reason, a grade of “5.0” is given. Removal of the “Inc” must be done within the prescribed time by passing an examination or meeting all the requirements for the course, after which the student shall be given a final grade based on his overall performance.
Removal of “4.0” or “Inc”
There shall be a regular period for removing grades of “4.0” and “Inc.” before the start of each semester. Such a grade may no longer be improved after the end of the third regular removal period immediately following the semester/term in which the grade was incurred. A grade of “4.0” received after removing a grade of “Inc”, however, must be removed within the remaining portion of the prescribed period for the removal of the original grade of “Inc”

Dropping of Courses
A student may, with the consent of the instructor and the Dean, drop a course by filling out the prescribed UP Form 26 before 3/4 of the hours prescribed for the semester/trimester/quarter term have elapsed, and not later. Any student who drops a course without the approval of the Dean shall have his registration privileges curtailed or entirely withdrawn. If a course is dropped after the middle term, the faculty member concerned shall indicate the date and the class standing of the student at the time of dropping as either “Passing” or “Failing”.

Honorific Scholarships from the University
Any undergraduate student who obtains at the end of the semester a weighted average of 1.45 or better is considered a University Scholar. While any undergraduate who, not being classed as University Scholar, obtains at the end of the semester a weighted average of 1.75 or better is considered a College Scholar. In addition to the general weighted average prescribed, a student must have taken during the semester at least 15 units of academic credit or the normal load prescribed; must be up-to-date with all the non-academic requirements (PE and ROTC); and must have no grade below 3.0 in any academic or non-academic subject.