INSTITUTE OF MATHEMATICS College of Science University of the Philippines Diliman COURSE CATALOGUE As of July 28, 2017 Course Number Course Title Course Description Units Course Prerequisite Math 1 General Mathematics The development of mathematical literacy and appreciation through a synoptic view of the different branches of mathematics with historical notes and applications. 3.0 continue reading : Courses

Master of Arts in Mathematics

Master of Arts in Mathematics The Master of Arts in Mathematics program is intended primarily for teachers or would-be teachers of mathematics courses for non-mathematics majors such as students of business administration, economics, engineering, pre-medicine, the social science, etc. The M.A. Mathematics program is intended primarily for college mathematics teachers whose undergraduate preparation was not continue reading : Master of Arts in Mathematics

Master of Science in Mathematics

The M.S. (Mathematics) Program is designed primarily for those seeking advanced mathematical training in preparing for doctoral studies (whether it be in mathematics, statistics or some related field), for research, for teaching (senior level undergraduate mathematics courses.) Admission into the M.S. Mathematics Program requires: a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning completion continue reading : Master of Science in Mathematics

Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics

The Ph.D. Mathematics Program is intended to encourage the development of mathematics in the Philippines through the production of highly trained mathematicians whose research works contribute to the development of new knowledge. Corollary to this main objective is the upgrading of mathematics teaching in colleges and universities.   Admission into the Ph.D Mathematics Program shall continue reading : Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics

Undergraduate Program

RULES ON ADMISSION INTO THE B.S. MATHEMATICS PROGRAM New Incoming Freshmen A new incoming freshman must qualify for admission into U.P. Diliman thru the U.P. College Admission Test (UPCAT) and must make it to the B.S. Mathematics cut-off in Math. Admission into the program, in any case, shall be dependent on the availability of slots continue reading : Undergraduate Program