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Math Elective Course Offerings for 2nd Semester AY 2023-24

The Institute of Mathematics will be offering the following Math 197 (Special Topics) courses for the 2nd Semester AY 2023-24. The course syllabi can be accessed here.

Math 197 SRU: Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems (strictly for BS Math students)

Intelligent systems are technologically advanced machines that can perceive and respond to the world around them, allowing them to perform tasks that would traditionally require human intelligence. This course provides some understanding of the underlying principles in machine learning – a class of algorithms that learns from the data through pattern detection and creates a model that can be used for prediction. Mathematical concepts such as linear algebra, analytic geometry, vector calculus, probability and distributions, and optimization will be used to describe and discuss the four central machine learning methods: linear regression, principal component analysis, Gaussian mixture models, and support vector machines.

Prerequisite: Math 110.2, Math 150.1

Math 197 THY: Introduction to Functional Analysis

This course introduces the basic concepts, principles, and methods of functional analysis to students.

Prerequisite: Math 123.1

Math 197 WFW: Introduction to Elliptic Curves

This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of the arithmetic theory of elliptic curves, with emphasis on its number-theoretic aspects. It highlights techniques for solving Diophantine problems with the aid of elliptic curves. Major topics include the Nagell-Lutz theorem, Mordell’s theorem, heights, Diophantine approximation, zeta functions and applications of elliptic curves over finite fields.

Prerequisite: Math 110.1, Math 117