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4th CS Graduate Student Research Conference

The 4th College of Science Graduate Student Research Conference was held last 13 November 2023, at the CS Administration Building Auditorium. Mr. Arvin Jay Panganiban, a recent graduate of the MS Applied Mathematics program at the Institute of Mathematics, delivered an oral presentation entitled “An octave-wise constant Q transform via nonstationary Gabor frames and some applications”.

Four other graduate students from IMath contributed poster presentations in the conference:

  1. Russelle Guadalupe (Modularity of a certain continued fraction fo Ramanujan)
  2. Jerielle Malonzo (Finite oblique dual fusion frames)
  3. Juan Paolo Santos (On commutators of unipotent matrices of index 2)
  4. Rico Draper (Driving toward a sustainable future: A metaheuristic approach to EV charging station location optimization)