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Math Elective Course Offerings for 1st Semester AY 2023-24

The Institute of Mathematics will be offering the following Math 197 (Special Topics) courses for the 1st Semester AY 2023-24.

Math 197 THU: Introduction to Coding Theory

This course is an introduction to linear codes, one of the main classes of error-correcting codes. Introduced in the 1940s, error-correcting codes are used in the reliable transmission of data through noisy channels. Applications include communication systems, storage devices and cryptographic protocols. In this course, we will study the basic concepts in the theory of linear codes. Most of the tools and techniques will come from algebra, some from combinatorics and geometry.

Prerequisite: Math 110.2

Math 197 THX: Introduction to Matrix Analysis

Matrix analysis consists of topics and techniques in linear algebra that are analytic in spirit. This course is an introduction to matrix analysis. Major topics include the Jordan and Weyr canonical forms, Schur’s triangulization theorem, Spectral theorem for normal and Hermitian matrices, Cauchy interlacing, singular value decomposition, polar decomposition, Kronecker product, Schur product, and matrix equations. This course is designed primarily for mathematics majors.

Prerequisite: Math 110.2

Math 197 WFW: Selected Topics in Complex Analysis

This course is a continuation of Math 128 (Complex Analysis), dealing with more advanced properties of analytic functions. The course introduces tools used in other fields such as analytic number theory, mathematical physics, and hyperbolic geometry. Major topics include infinite series and infinite products of complex-valued functions, conformal mappings and their properties, and classical factorization theorems.

Prerequisite: Math 128