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On Availability of Slots

It has come to our attention that students are already sending emails to the teachers in the institute to request for slots in Math subjects.

Please keep in mind that the 2nd round of preenlistment is from Jan 19 to Jan 30. During this time, CRS has control over the slots. It will only be under the control of the offering unit during the general registration period, which will start on Feb 6.

It is advisable at this time to participate in the 2nd round of preenlistment, the general waitlist period (Feb 2-3) and the department waitlist period/general registration period (Feb 6-8). The CRS demand is being taken into account in deciding whether to open new sections or increase the number of slots. Emails to teachers asking for slots will be ignored.

Please wait for the announcement on this page regarding the guidelines for the waitlist period. Thank you.