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Guidelines for Enlistment of Math Subjects (2-12 September 2022)

  1. Enlistment of math subjects for all students is through the waitlist module of the CRS. There will be no teacher’s prerog.
  2. Slots will not be granted if:
    • You are tagged as ineligible. Please settle your accountabilities first.
    • Came from LOA/AWOL and have not been readmitted. Please process your readmission first.
    • Your enlistment status is locked. Please unlock it first or finish the registration until your status is paid.
    • You applied for residency. Please undo your residency status first.
  3. The waitlists are only processed during the weekdays.
  4. Granting of slots to waitlisted students will be done during the time periods 10:00 am – 12:00 nn and 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm of each day.
  5. Waitlists will be cleared at the end of each day.
  6. Students who wish to enlist in Math subjects that are listed as required courses in their degree programs will be given priority.
  7. Cancellation of math subjects is done either by:
    • contacting your program adviser, or
    • writing an email to cancellation@math.upd.edu.ph using your UP email account.
  8. B.S. Math students enrolling in Math 200 are requested to ask their respective thesis advisers to email their names to M.J.C. Loquias for verification.