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IMath Webinar Series: Jade Ventura, Ph.D.

You are all invited to attend the fourth webinar of the IMath Webinar Series for this semester on Monday, November 15, 2021, 2:00pm.

Dr. Jade T. Ventura of the Groups, Geometry and Representations Academic Group will present his work titled “Einstein 4-metrics from biconformal deformations”.

Abstract: Biconformal deformations take place in the presence of a conformal foliation, deforming by different factors that are tangent to and orthogonal to the foliation. Four-manifolds endowed with a conformal foliation by surfaces present a natural context to put this process into effect. We develop the tools to calculate the transformation of the Ricci curvature under such deformations, and apply our method to construct Einstein 4-metrics. One particular family asymptotically collapses to the Euclidean 2-metric at one end, and to a metric that is homothetic to the hyperbolic 4-metric at another end. This is a joint work with Paul Baird.