Pre-arrival information


The local currency is Philippine peso (Php). Bill denominations are Php 1000, Php 500, Php 200, Php 100, Php 50, and Php 20. The coins include Php 20, Php 10, Php 5, Php 1, and Php 0.25. There are currency exchange kiosks at the airport. You may also have your money exchanged at USSC Service Store, U.P. Town Center (a mall near the Institute of Mathematics), or at Savemore Market, Katipunan Avenue (located just off-campus). There are also banks along Katipunan Avenue where money may be converted. Please prepare to provide pertinent information such as your address, phone number, passport number, etc. Also, bring your passport along in case they request to take a look at it. Please note that not all currencies are readily accepted, and it might be more convenient to bring US Dollars, Singapore Dollars, or Euros instead. See for example and Updated exchange rates are found at

Power adapters and supply voltage

Electricity in the Philippines is 220 Volts, alternating at 60 cycles per second. Most sockets are compatible with plug type A (two flat parallel pins).


The official languages are Filipino and English. English is widely spoken especially in cities.


January is the coldest month in the Philippines, with temperatures ranging from 22°C (low) to 29°C (high). While rain is not usual this time of year, the Philippines is a tropical country so a few showers here and there is common all throughout the year. Participants may bring umbrella not only to stay dry but also to shield against harsh sunlight (10am-3pm).

Mosquitos are common due to the tropical climate. Certain mosquitos carry the dengue disease. Participants may bring their own mosquito repellant, or buy at the mall (UP Town Center).