Arrival information


SIM cards for calls, SMS, and data are sold at the airport. Occasionally, these are also handed out freely to arriving passengers. The two major mobile telecommunications companies are Globe and Smart.

Transportation from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to UP Diliman

The local organizing committee have made arrangements to have all lecturers and foreign participants picked up from Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

After Immigration Check, Baggage Claim, and possibly Customs Declaration, Money Exchange, and SIM card purchase, please exit the Terminal Building for pick up by our team.

Terminal 1: You will exit into a street where you will see a queue of taxis. Kindly cross this street toward the “Greeter’s Area”. Please go down the ramp on your right and proceed to Arrival Bay TUVWXYZ.

Terminal 2: Please proceed to Arrival Bay 18.

Terminal 3: Please proceed to Arrival Bay 8.

Other modes of transportation

Should there be problems and our representatives are not able to meet you at the airport, there are several ways to travel to UP Diliman.

1. Riding app GRAB: Grab is a riding app used in Metro Manila. Cost of travel varies depending on the time of day and traffic, but ranges from 350-750 Philippine pesos. Download the Grab app. You may pay in cash (pesos) or using credit card. . In case you cannot book on your own, you may also look for the green Grab Booth. Using this service, you may only pay the driver in cash, in pesos.

2. Taxi: There are three types of taxis available in NAIA, but we recommend only two.

  • Yellow Airport Taxi: metered taxi that has a flag down rate of P70, including the first 500 meters, and charges P4 for every 300 meters afterward, and P4 for every 2 minutes waiting or standing in traffic
  • Coupon Taxi: white taxi marked with a blue square, and has a fixed fare depending on the destination. For UP Diliman Campus, the fixed fare is around 700-800 pesos.

Please look for the designated taxi stations outside the Arrival Hall. If you will be taking a coupon taxi, at its dispatch station, the staff will hand you a coupon, which you should keep until you reach the destination.

Note: DO NOT entertain anyone offering taxi service as you exit the building or as you walk around, even if they claim they are accredited by NAIA. They’re likely scammers who will charge you much higher than normal.

More details can be found in this website:

3. P2P Bus and Metered Taxi: You can take first a bus from NAIA to Cubao:

Once you reach Cubao, you can use Grab or find a metered taxi to bring you to UP Diliman. (Flag down rate 40 pesos, plus 13.50 pesos per kilometer, and 2 pesos per minute.) Please insist that the driver use the meter and issue you a receipt after the trip. Do not entertain drivers who would like to set a fixed fare (likely much larger than the metered fare) at the start of the trip. It is customary to give a 10 or 20 peso tip at the end of the trip.