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Services and Facilities

The IM Library has the following facilities onsite:

  • Information desk
  • Individual study area (carrels)
  • Circulation section
  • Computer and Internet section
  • Discussion Area

Library users can avail of the following services from the IM Library:

  1. Borrowing and Returning
  2. Ask-a-Librarian and Current Awareness
  3. Document Delivery
  4. Internet, Wi-Fi and Battery Charging Stations
  5. Printing and Scanning
  6. Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
  7. Acquisition of Library Materials (IM Faculty only)
  8. Data Analytics (CS Faculty Only) – Citation Report and H-index from Scopus
  • Ask-a-Librarian and Current Awareness

    We provide the latest news and updates on the library’s collection, services and other announcements through our IM Library Facebook, Twitter, and email.

    For any concerns, questions and/or requests, feel free to chat with us at https://www.facebook.com/mathlib or you may email us at im.library@science.upd.edu.ph. Please use your official UP mail if you have any concerns/questions/requests.

  • Document Delivery

    For eBook and Journal article requests, email us using your UP mail account. There is no limit to the number of documents/titles as long as it’s part of your IM syllabi references.

    If you have no UP mail yet, send us a copy of your Form 5.

  • Internet, Wi-Fi and Battery Charging Stations

    To connect to the IM library Wi-Fi, select the networks below from the list of available wireless networks and follow the instructions that appear on your browser.

    • DILNET-WIFI – DilNet account login required, research access point (can access electronic databases)
    • WiFi@UPD – open access point (no access to electronic databases)

    Change proxy setting to: proxy.upd.edu.ph or proxy1.upd.edu.ph or proxy8.upd.edu.ph
    Password: mathlibannex
    Port:  8080

    Wi-Fi, battery charging and computers are FREE and on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Printing and Scanning

    Printing rates:

    • Black & White – PhP 3.00/page
    • Color – PhP 5.00/page

    Note:  Always use “Print Preview” before printing. You may need to adjust the page setup to get a good print so as to avoid wasting printing resources.

    Scanning Services:

    • Scanning cost: PhP 3.00/page
    • Delivery Method: through EMAIL ONLY
    • Delivery Time: within the day
    • Scan Limit: up to 20 pages only
    • Color or black & white
    • Digital image format PDF only
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

    For faculty who need help in obtaining reference materials from other libraries, send your request to our official email using your UP mail account.

  • Acquisition of Library Materials (IM Faculty only)

    There are two ways to request for new library materials:

    • Send library material request to the IM Librarian-in-Charge, or
    • Fill out the online library material request form at tracking.cslib.upd.edu.ph/request. The College of Science Tracking System is a web-based platform that will allow CS Faculty to submit book request(s) online, check the status of book request(s) anytime, check the book fund updated per institute and view the updated list of new books per institute.
  • Data Analytics (CS Faculty only)

    For faculty publication and citation report requests, email us using your UP mail account.