Program Description:


The Master of Arts in Mathematics Program is intended primarily for teachers or would -be teachers of secondary and tertiary mathematics course. This program is intended to those whose undergraduate preparation was not really a BS Mathematics degree but would like to teach, seeking a “mathematics content” (as opposed to a “teaching methods”) master’s degree program.




Aside from the general requirement for the master’s degree set forth by the College of Science, applicants of the MA Math program must have a bachelor’s degree with at least 9 units of calculus and geometry course.


Program Requirement:


Students admitted into the MA Math program must complete 34 units of course work, including a research paper and a one-unit graduate seminar. Students should also pass a comprehensive examination prior to graduation. The comprehensive examination is a written examination which covers algebra, analysis and a third area.


Disqualification from the Program:


A student is disqualified from the program if either (1) the student did not pass any of the courses in a particular semester; (2) the student did not achieve a GWA of at least 2.0 during the academic year; or (3) the student did not pass the comprehensive examination twice.


Program of Study:



First Semester Second Semester
Math 201 Concepts and Techniques in Abstract Math 202.2 Analysis II
Math 202.1 Analysis I Math 203 Matrices and Applications
Math 205 Concepts and Techniques in Math 204 Classical and Modern Geometry
Probability and Statistics
First Semester Second Semester
Math 208 History and Development of Math 209.2 Selected Studies in Discrete
Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics Mathematics
Math 209.1 Selected Studies in Applied Math Elective
Math 290 Research Paper on College Math 296 Graduate Seminar
First Semester Second Semester
Comprehensive Examination N/A

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