The M.S. (Mathematics) Program is designed primarily for those seeking advanced mathematical training in preparing for doctoral studies (whether it be in mathematics, statistics or some related field), for research, for teaching (senior level undergraduate mathematics courses.)

Admission into the M.S. Mathematics Program requires:

a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning
completion of Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra, Matrices and Complex Analysis
satisfaction of additional University requirements such as a health clearance and other special admission requirements
Options for the Program:

Thesis Option – 24 units formal graduate courses, 1 unit graduate seminar, thesis
Non-Thesis Option – 33 units formal graduate courses, 1 unit graduate seminar, comprehensive and oral examination
Every candidate for the M.S. (Mathematics) degree must complete the core courses broken down as follows:

Math 210.1 (Modern College Algebra I)
Math 220.1 (Theory of Functions of a Real Variable I)
Math 228 (Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable)
Math 242 (General Topology I)
Math 210.2 (Modern College Algebra II)
Math 211 (Linear Algebra)
one Geometry course
Aside from the core courses, students applying for M.S. Mathematics Program must also complete the following courses:

Math 296 (Graduate Seminar)
three (3) units (for the thesis option) or twelve (12) units (for non-thesis option) of electives from courses in Mathematics and allied fields
For more details, contact the Institute of Mathematics, UP Diliman.