Coding and Number Theory (CNT)

Areas of Research: Ideal class group of number fields. Elliptic curves and the Mordell-Weil group. Analytic number theory. Classification of codes over finite rings. Codes over finite chain rings. Computational number theory. Cryptography. Gröbner basis.

Differential Equations (DE)

Areas of Research: Homogenization theory. Existence and uniqueness theorems for ordinary and partial differential equations. Formal and genuine solutions of differential equations in the complex domain.

Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics (DGC)

Areas of Research: Algebraic graph theory. Combinatorial and geometric aspects of number systems. Discrete and convex geometry (in particular: packings, coverings and tilings, and polyhedra and polytopes). Enumerative combinatorics. Mathematical crystallography.

Groups, Geometry and Representations (GGR)

Areas of Research: Finite, discrete and continuous groups. Lie groups and Lie algebras. Algebraic combinatorics. Representation theory. Galois theory. Homological algebra. Differential geometry and geometric analysis. Riemannian, complex, symplectic and Kahler geometries. Noncommutative geometry and quantum groups. Algebraic geometry and invariant theory. Topology and algebraic topology.

Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science (MFAS)

Areas of Research: Mortality/morbidity modeling. Actuarial pricing. Ruin theory and risk management. Derivatives pricing. Interest rates modeling. Term structures of interest rate. Utility theory.

Matrix Analysis and Linear Algebra (MALA)

Areas of Research: Matrix decompositions. Canonical forms of matrices. Matrix groups. Combinatorial matrix theory. Quantum information theory. Numerical range. Eigenvalue localization.

Optimization and Approximation (OA)

Areas of Research: Approximation theory. Convex optimization. Fourier analysis. Operations research. Sampling theory. Variational methods in optimization. Wavelet and time-frequency analysis.